What is Chess Checker?


The future of chess scoresheets!

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Chess Checker is a tool for 'over-the-board' chess players who want to learn from their games. It converts your paper scoresheets into chess game files (.pgn). ChessChecker keeps a record of all your games in an online library, allowing you to playback your games online at any time.



Get analysis of your game and feedback on the opening, blunders and possible improvements.

Save time

Converts your scoresheet to an electronic file (.pgn) without data entry.

Game Library

Don’t lose important games, games are securely stored in your personal online chess library. Play back games and share with friends.

Convert your game

Try out Chess Checker for yourself. Free access for our early-adopters.

1. Grab a copy of our chess scoresheet

Print this and use it in your next chess game. See our help page for tips.

A5 Paper
A4 Paper Two A5 scoresheets
The player is required to cut the A4 paper into half, resulting in two A5 scoresheets.

Chess Checker is currently a free service, however if you find it useful, we'd really appreciate a small donation. We'll use your donation to improve Chess Checker and to develop more features for you.

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2. Send us your game

Use games@chesschecker.com to email us your game (add the game image as an attachment), or use this form:

(optional, if completed, a copy of the game is emailed to your opponent)