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Tournament details

Fri 14 Apr 2017 - Sun 16 Apr 2017

CQ Hotel, Wellington, NZD

The Wellington is complete, the tournament will take place over 6 rounds. More information can be found on the official tournament website.

Registered players (38)

Player Id Name Rating
1 Andrew Masters 1946
2 Anthony Ker 2474
3 Russell Dive 2426
4 Nicholas Croad 2375
5 Michael Steadman 2309
6 Jack James 2145
7 Nathan Goodhue 2093
8 Leighton Nicholls 2057
9 L Ross Jackson 2054
10 Michael Nyberg 2032
11 Jasmine Zhang 2029
12 Alexandre Quere
13 Philip Rossiter 1945
14 Clinton A Wells 1861
15 Nigel Cooper 1673
16 Simon Lyall 1819
17 Robert List 1747
18 Wei Chen 1732
19 Fabian Day 1726
20 Ryan Winter 1715
21 Joshua Wight 1629
22 Stephen Murdoch 1601
23 Michael Sole 1586
24 Satwik Meravanage 1524
25 Lara Heppenstalll 1506
26 Bobby Stannard 1481
27 Caleb He 1416
28 Marcus Del Favero 1410
29 Zephan Sinclair 1313
30 James Burt 1291
31 Lars Stannard 1260
32 Paul He 1051
33 Edgar Benitez
34 Monty Daley
35 James Legner
36 James O'Brien
37 John Robinson
38 Kirill Polishchuk 2225

Round 6

Board White Result Black Game
1 NYBERG, Michael (2032N) KER, Anthony (2474N)
2 QUERE, Alexandre (2022F) CROAD, Nicholas (2375N)
3 DIVE, Russell (2426N) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
4 CHEN, Wei (1732N) POLISHCHUK, Kirill (2225N)
5 ROSSITER, Philip (1945N) STEADMAN, Michael (2309N)
6 GOODHUE, Nathan (2093N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
7 MASTERS, Andrew (1946N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
8 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) O'BRIEN, James
9 ZHANG, Jasmine (2029N) WELLS, Clinton A (1933F)
10 ROBINSON, John WINTER, Ryan (1715N)
11 LYALL, Simon (1819N) LIST, Robert (1747N)
12 DAY, Fabian (1726N) HEPPENSTALLL, Lara (1506N)
13 WIGHT, Joshua (1702F) HE, Caleb (1416N)
14 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
15 SOLE, Michael (1586N) BENITEZ, Edgar
16 STANNARD, Bobby (1481N) BURT, James (1291N)
17 HE, Paul (1051N) DEL FAVERO, Marcus (1410N)
18 STANNARD, Lars (1260N) LEGNER, James
19 DALEY, Monty BYE, Round
20 MERAVANAGE, Satwik (1524N) BYE, Round

Round 5

Board White Result Black Game
1 KER, Anthony (2474N) DIVE, Russell (2426N)
2 JAMES, Jack (2145N) CROAD, Nicholas (2375N)
3 POLISHCHUK, Kirill (2225N) QUERE, Alexandre (2022F)
4 O'BRIEN, James NYBERG, Michael (2032N)
5 CHEN, Wei (1732N) GOODHUE, Nathan (2093N)
6 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) ROBINSON, John
7 WELLS, Clinton A (1933F) ROSSITER, Philip (1945N)
8 STEADMAN, Michael (2309N) SOLE, Michael (1586N)
9 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
10 LIST, Robert (1747N) ZHANG, Jasmine (2029N)
11 BENITEZ, Edgar MASTERS, Andrew (1946N)
12 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) WIGHT, Joshua (1702F)
13 HEPPENSTALLL, Lara (1506N) LYALL, Simon (1819N)
14 DEL FAVERO, Marcus (1410N) WINTER, Ryan (1715N)
15 DALEY, Monty DAY, Fabian (1726N)
16 HE, Caleb (1416N) HE, Paul (1051N)
17 LEGNER, James SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
18 BURT, James (1291N) STANNARD, Lars (1260N)
19 STANNARD, Bobby (1481N) BYE, Round
20 MERAVANAGE, Satwik (1524N) BYE, Round

Round 4

Board White Result Black Game
1 CROAD, Nicholas (2375N) KER, Anthony (2474N)
2 QUERE, Alexandre (2022F) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
3 DIVE, Russell (2426N) STEADMAN, Michael (2309N)
4 MASTERS, Andrew (1946N) POLISHCHUK, Kirill (2225N)
5 GOODHUE, Nathan (2093N) WELLS, Clinton A (1933F)
6 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) CHEN, Wei (1732N)
7 HEPPENSTALLL, Lara (1506N) NYBERG, Michael (2032N)
8 ZHANG, Jasmine (2029N) O'BRIEN, James
9 ROSSITER, Philip (1945N) ROBINSON, John
10 LYALL, Simon (1819N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
11 SOLE, Michael (1586N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
12 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) LIST, Robert (1747N)
13 WIGHT, Joshua (1702F) DALEY, Monty
14 HE, Paul (1051N) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
15 STANNARD, Lars (1260N) MERAVANAGE, Satwik (1524N)
16 BENITEZ, Edgar DEL FAVERO, Marcus (1410N)
17 WINTER, Ryan (1715N) LEGNER, James
18 DAY, Fabian (1726N) BURT, James (1291N)
19 HE, Caleb (1416N) STANNARD, Bobby (1481N)

Round 3

Board White Result Black Game
1 KER, Anthony (2474N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
2 CROAD, Nicholas (2375N) HEPPENSTALLL, Lara (1506N)
3 JAMES, Jack (2145N) STEADMAN, Michael (2309N)
4 NYBERG, Michael (2032N) DIVE, Russell (2426N)
5 POLISHCHUK, Kirill (2225N) GOODHUE, Nathan (2093N)
6 LYALL, Simon (1819N) QUERE, Alexandre (2022F)
7 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) SOLE, Michael (1586N)
8 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) ZHANG, Jasmine (2029N)
9 MERAVANAGE, Satwik (1524N) ROSSITER, Philip (1945N)
10 WELLS, Clinton A (1933F) SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
11 DEL FAVERO, Marcus (1410N) MASTERS, Andrew (1946N)
12 LIST, Robert (1747N) O'BRIEN, James
13 LEGNER, James CHEN, Wei (1732N)
14 ROBINSON, John WIGHT, Joshua (1702F)
15 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) HE, Caleb (1416N)
16 WINTER, Ryan (1715N) BENITEZ, Edgar
17 STANNARD, Bobby (1481N) STANNARD, Lars (1260N)
18 BURT, James (1291N) DALEY, Monty
19 HE, Paul (1051N) BYE, Round

Round 2

Board White Result Black Game
1 ZHANG, Jasmine (2029N) KER, Anthony (2474N)
2 DIVE, Russell (2426N) QUERE, Alexandre (2022F)
3 ROSSITER, Philip (1945N) CROAD, Nicholas (2375N)
4 STEADMAN, Michael (2309N) WELLS, Clinton A (1933F)
5 MASTERS, Andrew (1946N) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
6 GOODHUE, Nathan (2093N) LYALL, Simon (1819N)
7 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) LIST, Robert (1747N)
8 CHEN, Wei (1732N) NYBERG, Michael (2032N)
9 HEPPENSTALLL, Lara (1506N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
10 BENITEZ, Edgar POLISHCHUK, Kirill (2225N)
11 HE, Caleb (1416N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
12 DAY, Fabian (1726N) DEL FAVERO, Marcus (1410N)
13 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) WINTER, Ryan (1715N)
14 WIGHT, Joshua (1702F) BURT, James (1291N)
15 STANNARD, Lars (1260N) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
16 SOLE, Michael (1586N) HE, Paul (1051N)
17 DALEY, Monty MERAVANAGE, Satwik (1524N)
18 LEGNER, James STANNARD, Bobby (1481N)
19 O'BRIEN, James BYE, Round
20 ROBINSON, John BYE, Round

Round 1

Board White Result Black Game
1 KER, Anthony (2474N) DAY, Fabian (1726N)
2 WINTER, Ryan (1715N) DIVE, Russell (2426N)
3 CROAD, Nicholas (2375N) WIGHT, Joshua (1702F)
4 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) STEADMAN, Michael (2309N)
5 JAMES, Jack (2145N) SOLE, Michael (1586N)
6 MERAVANAGE, Satwik (1524N) GOODHUE, Nathan (2093N)
7 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) HEPPENSTALLL, Lara (1506N)
8 STANNARD, Bobby (1481N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
9 NYBERG, Michael (2032N) HE, Caleb (1416N)
10 DEL FAVERO, Marcus (1410N) ZHANG, Jasmine (2029N)
11 QUERE, Alexandre (2022F) SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
12 BURT, James (1291N) ROSSITER, Philip (1945N)
13 WELLS, Clinton A (1933F) STANNARD, Lars (1260N)
14 HE, Paul (1051N) MASTERS, Andrew (1946N)
15 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) BENITEZ, Edgar
16 DALEY, Monty LYALL, Simon (1819N)
17 LIST, Robert (1747N) LEGNER, James
18 O'BRIEN, James CHEN, Wei (1732N)
19 POLISHCHUK, Kirill (2225N) BYE, Round
20 ROBINSON, John BYE, Round