New Zealand (North Island) Chess Championship - 2016

Open Section

Tournament details

Mon 3 Oct 2016 - Fri 7 Oct 2016

Palmerston North

The New Zealand (North Island) Chess Championship - 2016 is complete, the tournament will take place over 9 rounds. More information can be found on the official tournament website.

Registered players (20)

Player Id Name Rating
1 Mark Noble 2315
2 David Vincenti 2195
3 Jack James 2145
4 Layla Timergazi 2105
5 David Cooper 2079
6 Dan Dolejs 1948
7 Geoff Davies 1931
8 James Stewart 1894
9 Bevan Clouston 1589
10 Oliver Picken 1751
11 Nigel Cooper 1673
12 Charles Dion 1675
13 Hananke Calitz 1568
14 Vyanla Punsalan 1523
15 Barry Hooton 1463
16 Sol Ross 1108
17 Zephan Sinclair 1313
18 Edward Rains 2119
19 Chris Burns
20 Stephen Murdoch 1601

Round 9

Board White Result Black Game
1 TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N) NOBLE, Mark (2315N)
2 JAMES, Jack (2145N) RAINS, Edward (2119N)
3 DION, Charles (1675N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
4 COOPER, David (2079N) BURNS, Chris
5 STEWART, James (1894N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
6 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) PICKEN, Oliver (1751N)
7 CALITZ, Hananke (1592F) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
8 ROSS, Sol (1261F) HOOTON, Barry (1521F)
9 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
10 CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N) BYE, Round

Round 8

Board White Result Black Game
1 VINCENTI, David (2195N) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
2 NOBLE, Mark (2315N) DION, Charles (1675N)
3 BURNS, Chris TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N)
4 CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N) RAINS, Edward (2119N)
5 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) ROSS, Sol (1261F)
6 PICKEN, Oliver (1751N) STEWART, James (1894N)
7 CALITZ, Hananke (1592F) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
8 HOOTON, Barry (1521F) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
9 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
10 COOPER, David (2079N) BYE, Round

Round 7

Board White Result Black Game
1 DION, Charles (1675N) BURNS, Chris
2 RAINS, Edward (2119N) NOBLE, Mark (2315N)
3 JAMES, Jack (2145N) COOPER, David (2079N)
4 VINCENTI, David (2195N) PICKEN, Oliver (1751N)
5 ROSS, Sol (1261F) TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N)
6 STEWART, James (1894N) CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N)
7 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) CALITZ, Hananke (1592F)
8 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
9 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) HOOTON, Barry (1521F)
10 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) BYE, Round

Round 6

Board White Result Black Game
1 BURNS, Chris STEWART, James (1894N)
2 NOBLE, Mark (2315N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
3 TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
4 CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N) DION, Charles (1675N)
5 RAINS, Edward (2119N) CALITZ, Hananke (1592F)
6 COOPER, David (2079N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
7 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) PICKEN, Oliver (1751N)
8 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
9 HOOTON, Barry (1521F) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
10 ROSS, Sol (1261F) BYE, Round

Round 5

Board White Result Black Game
1 JAMES, Jack (2145N) NOBLE, Mark (2315N)
2 VINCENTI, David (2195N) BURNS, Chris
3 DION, Charles (1675N) TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N)
4 STEWART, James (1894N) ROSS, Sol (1261F)
5 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) RAINS, Edward (2119N)
6 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N)
7 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) COOPER, David (2079N)
8 PICKEN, Oliver (1751N) SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
9 HOOTON, Barry (1521F) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
10 CALITZ, Hananke (1592F) BYE, Round

Round 4

Board White Result Black Game
1 JAMES, Jack (2145N) BURNS, Chris
2 NOBLE, Mark (2315N) ROSS, Sol (1261F)
3 RAINS, Edward (2119N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
4 TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
5 CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
6 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) STEWART, James (1894N)
7 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) DION, Charles (1675N)
8 CALITZ, Hananke (1592F) PICKEN, Oliver (1751N)
9 COOPER, David (2079N) HOOTON, Barry (1521F)
10 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) BYE, Round

Round 3

Board White Result Black Game
1 BURNS, Chris NOBLE, Mark (2315N)
2 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
3 ROSS, Sol (1261F) SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N)
4 VINCENTI, David (2195N) CALITZ, Hananke (1592F)
5 HOOTON, Barry (1521F) RAINS, Edward (2119N)
6 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N)
7 PICKEN, Oliver (1751N) TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N)
8 DION, Charles (1675N) COOPER, David (2079N)
9 STEWART, James (1894N) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
10 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) BYE, Round

Round 2

Board White Result Black Game
1 NOBLE, Mark (2315N) PICKEN, Oliver (1751N)
2 CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N) BURNS, Chris
3 JAMES, Jack (2145N) HOOTON, Barry (1521F)
4 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
5 CALITZ, Hananke (1592F) ROSS, Sol (1261F)
6 RAINS, Edward (2119N) TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N)
7 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
8 COOPER, David (2079N) STEWART, James (1894N)
9 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) DION, Charles (1675N)
10 MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N) BYE, Round

Round 1

Board White Result Black Game
1 STEWART, James (1894N) NOBLE, Mark (2315N)
2 VINCENTI, David (2195N) CLOUSTON, Bevan (1589N)
3 PICKEN, Oliver (1751N) RAINS, Edward (2119N)
4 BURNS, Chris COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
5 DION, Charles (1675N) JAMES, Jack (2145N)
6 TIMERGAZI, Layla (2105N) CALITZ, Hananke (1592F)
7 HOOTON, Barry (1521F) COOPER, David (2079N)
8 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) MURDOCH, Stephen (1601N)
9 ROSS, Sol (1261F) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
10 SINCLAIR, Zephan (1313N) BYE, Round
11 PUNSALAN, Vyanla (1748F) BYE, Round