New Zealand (South Island) Chess Championship - 2016

Open Section

Tournament details

Tue 19 Jul 2016 - Sat 23 Jul 2016

Newbery Lodge, Christchurch, NZD

The New Zealand (South Island) Chess Championship - 2016 is complete, the tournament will take place over 9 rounds. More information can be found on the official tournament website.

Registered players (30)

Player Id Name Rating
1 Gary Lane
2 Stephen Solomon
3 Stephen G Lukey 2320
4 Giovanni A Thornton 2260
5 Peng Kong Chan
6 Matthew D McNabb 2223
7 David Vincenti 2195
8 Quentin Johnson 2148
9 Leighton Nicholls 2057
10 L Ross Jackson 2054
11 David P Weegenaar 1984
12 Timothy Rains 1971
13 Rik Hothersall 1959
14 Richie Christie 1951
15 Dan Dolejs 1948
16 Geoff Davies 1931
17 Ross Black 1730
18 Guy Mulinder 1777
19 Federico Roura 1890
20 Simon Ward 1758
21 Hamish R Gold 1929
22 Ray Bongalon 1868
23 Nigel Cooper 1673
24 Robert D Clarkson 1577
25 Quan Nam (Ted) Nguyen 1599
26 Daniel Suh 1597
27 Joey Scarr 1818
28 Michael Stevenson 1469
29 Nhi Yen (Nina) Nguyen 1361
30 Bryce Lukey 1535

Round 9

Board White Result Black Game
1 SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F) CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F)
2 VINCENTI, David (2195N) LANE, Gary (2375F)
3 LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N) THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N)
4 RAINS, Timothy (1971N) MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N)
5 JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N) HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N)
6 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N)
7 WARD, Simon (1758N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
8 WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N) SCARR, Joey (1818N)
9 BLACK, Ross (1770F) BONGALON, Ray (1868N)
10 STEVENSON, Michael (1544F) ROURA, Federico (1890N)
11 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N)
12 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) GOLD, Hamish R (1929N)
13 MULINDER, Guy (1782F) SUH, Daniel (1597N)
14 LUKEY, Bryce (1535N) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)

Round 8

Board White Result Black Game
1 MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N) SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F)
2 CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N) LANE, Gary (2375F)
3 JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N) LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N)
4 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F)
5 THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
6 WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
7 BONGALON, Ray (1868N) RAINS, Timothy (1971N)
8 HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
9 SCARR, Joey (1818N) SUH, Daniel (1597N)
10 ROURA, Federico (1890N) BLACK, Ross (1770F)
11 GOLD, Hamish R (1929N) WARD, Simon (1758N)
12 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) MULINDER, Guy (1782F)
13 LUKEY, Bryce (1535N) STEVENSON, Michael (1544F)
14 CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)

Round 7

Board White Result Black Game
1 LANE, Gary (2375F) LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N)
2 SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F) THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N)
3 CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F) JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N)
4 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N)
5 CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N) BONGALON, Ray (1868N)
6 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
7 GOLD, Hamish R (1929N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
8 BLACK, Ross (1770F) WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N)
9 SUH, Daniel (1597N) RAINS, Timothy (1971N)
10 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N)
11 SCARR, Joey (1818N) ROURA, Federico (1890N)
12 WARD, Simon (1758N) STEVENSON, Michael (1544F)
13 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) LUKEY, Bryce (1535N)
14 MULINDER, Guy (1782F) CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N)

Round 6

Board White Result Black Game
1 LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N) CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F)
2 LANE, Gary (2375F) THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N)
3 VINCENTI, David (2195N) SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F)
4 SUH, Daniel (1597N) MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N)
5 JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N) GOLD, Hamish R (1929N)
6 RAINS, Timothy (1971N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
7 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) BLACK, Ross (1770F)
8 HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N) BONGALON, Ray (1868N)
9 ROURA, Federico (1890N) CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N)
10 WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
11 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
12 STEVENSON, Michael (1544F) CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N)
13 WARD, Simon (1758N) MULINDER, Guy (1782F)
14 SCARR, Joey (1818N) BYE, Round
15 LUKEY, Bryce (1535N) BYE, Round

Round 5

Board White Result Black Game
1 CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F) LANE, Gary (2375F)
2 MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N) LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N)
3 SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F) RAINS, Timothy (1971N)
4 THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N) SUH, Daniel (1597N)
5 VINCENTI, David (2195N) JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N)
6 CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
7 BONGALON, Ray (1868N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
8 GOLD, Hamish R (1929N) WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N)
9 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) SCARR, Joey (1818N)
10 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N)
11 BLACK, Ross (1770F) STEVENSON, Michael (1544F)
12 CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N) ROURA, Federico (1890N)
13 MULINDER, Guy (1782F) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
14 LUKEY, Bryce (1535N) WARD, Simon (1758N)

Round 4

Board White Result Black Game
1 LANE, Gary (2375F) SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F)
2 LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
3 CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F) CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N)
4 WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N) THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N)
5 SCARR, Joey (1818N) MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N)
6 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) SUH, Daniel (1597N)
7 HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N) RAINS, Timothy (1971N)
8 STEVENSON, Michael (1544F) JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N)
9 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
10 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) BONGALON, Ray (1868N)
11 ROURA, Federico (1890N) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
12 GOLD, Hamish R (1929N) MULINDER, Guy (1782F)
13 BLACK, Ross (1770F) WARD, Simon (1758N)
14 CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N) LUKEY, Bryce (1535N)

Round 3

Board White Result Black Game
1 MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N) LANE, Gary (2375F)
2 SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F) LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N)
3 THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N) CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F)
4 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
5 CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N) HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N)
6 NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)
7 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) SCARR, Joey (1818N)
8 BONGALON, Ray (1868N) WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N)
9 RAINS, Timothy (1971N) DAVIES, Geoff (1931N)
10 SUH, Daniel (1597N) BLACK, Ross (1770F)
11 JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N) CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N)
12 MULINDER, Guy (1782F) LUKEY, Bryce (1535N)
13 WARD, Simon (1758N) ROURA, Federico (1890N)
14 GOLD, Hamish R (1929N) BYE, Round
15 STEVENSON, Michael (1544F) BYE, Round
16 NGUYEN, Quan Nam (Ted) (1599N) BYE, Round
17 NGUYEN, Nhi Yen (Nina) (1361N) BYE, Round

Round 2

Board White Result Black Game
1 LANE, Gary (2375F) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
2 WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N) SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F)
3 LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N) JACKSON, L Ross (2054N)
4 HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N) THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N)
5 CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F) RAINS, Timothy (1971N)
6 DOLEJS, Dan (1948N) MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N)
7 VINCENTI, David (2195N) CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N)
8 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N)
9 COOPER, Nigel (1673N) MULINDER, Guy (1782F)
10 BLACK, Ross (1770F) CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N)
11 ROURA, Federico (1890N) SUH, Daniel (1597N)
12 SCARR, Joey (1818N) WARD, Simon (1758N)
13 GOLD, Hamish R (1929N) STEVENSON, Michael (1544F)
14 LUKEY, Bryce (1535N) BONGALON, Ray (1868N)
15 NGUYEN, Quan Nam (Ted) (1599N) BYE, Round
16 NGUYEN, Nhi Yen (Nina) (1361N) BYE, Round

Round 1

Board White Result Black Game
1 DAVIES, Geoff (1931N) LANE, Gary (2375F)
2 SOLOMON, Stephen (2367F) BLACK, Ross (1770F)
3 MULINDER, Guy (1782F) LUKEY, Stephen G (2320N)
4 THORNTON, Giovanni A (2260N) ROURA, Federico (1890N)
5 WARD, Simon (1758N) CHAN, Peng Kong (2238F)
6 MCNABB, Matthew D (2223N) GOLD, Hamish R (1929N)
7 BONGALON, Ray (1868N) VINCENTI, David (2195N)
8 JOHNSON, Quentin (2148N) COOPER, Nigel (1673N)
9 CLARKSON, Robert D (1577N) NICHOLLS, Leighton (2057N)
10 JACKSON, L Ross (2054N) NGUYEN, Quan Nam (Ted) (1599N)
11 SUH, Daniel (1597N) WEEGENAAR, David P (1984N)
12 RAINS, Timothy (1971N) SCARR, Joey (1818N)
13 STEVENSON, Michael (1544F) HOTHERSALL, Rik (1959N)
14 CHRISTIE, Richie (1951N) NGUYEN, Nhi Yen (Nina) (1361N)
15 LUKEY, Bryce (1535N) DOLEJS, Dan (1948N)